7 Different Types of Online Work

7 Different Types of Online Work

Are you searching for options on how to make money online? Great, you got to the right address! Perhaps you want to find an additional source of income? Or are you considering changing your permanent workplace? Regardless of your reasons, there are many different ways on the internet on how to make money online.

Job online provides plenty of opportunities.There so many online jobs that are really paid off. Just imagine – work from home will bring you incredibly high earnings. I’m dead sure that some of you prefer the stability and certainty of just seating at the office job – but today there are plenty of possibilities online exactly for you, don’t lose your chance to try and become the leader of online working.

Yes, there are still a lot of people who do not believe in the reality of what is happening. But these are their problems. Remote position is just as real and almost as hard as offline.

But the wages of smart specialists working in the virtual space are 2-4 times higher than the national average. And this is also a fact.

You might change your career after reading this article – and you know what? You are lucky that you caught this article.

So to cut a long story short – we pick up some online jobs that might suit you.

YouTube Channel Earnings

This is one of the most difficult ways to earn money, requiring a sufficient amount of time.

If you have the ability to shoot videos and edit videos, you can safely create your channel on YouTube.

But remember that before you make money in this way, you should shoot such videos that would attract subscribers as much as possible. The number of subscribers to your channel must be at least one hundred thousand, so that their viewing and activity bring you money.

There should be a fair amount of interest in your videos. If this does not happen, then your work will not bring a financial result. Remember, that any online job needs time and much strength.

Quick Order Exchanges

Despite the fact that now there is a pandemic in almost the whole world and lots of people are sitting at home, life did not stop and you can just work at home. People have tasks that can be solved remotely. Similar tasks are placed on special exchanges.

The most popular exchanges are Boar and You Do. If you speak English and other foreign languages, a significantly larger number of exchanges and resources are available to you. For example, you can earn on the Upwork exchange or using the craigslist resource.

Here are examples of tasks that you can do and an estimated level of payment for them:

  • “Help me to find company contacts by name” – $6;
  • “Help me to find the addresses of XXX service centers in YYY” – $5;
  • “Help me to complete the test in physics for the 8th grade” – $13;
  • “Help to build a database of contacts from the personal account of the service” – $5;
  • “Help me to find a site where I can buy a device for watering flowers of the XXX model” – $3;
  • “Need help accountant” – $10;
  • “We need a lawyer to fill out a document” – $20;
  • “We need advice on the selection of lighting systems for growing flowers” ​​- $10;
  • “Help to make a review on the article” – $13;
  • “Help to voice the videos on math 5th grade” – $5.

Online Learning, Teaching and Tutoring

If you own material that is relevant for school children (mathematics, physics, foreign languages ​​as part of the school curriculum, and others), you can make money on teaching and tutoring.

Teaching school subjects online

Due to the difficult and uncertain epidemiological situation around the world, many parents want to transfer their children to distance learning, so the number of online schools increase, and of course online jobs became more popular for today.

You can offer your services to online schools. Here are a few examples: the Alternative online school, First Online Creative Focus school, and the Optima school.

There you will be able to provide full or partial load. It is highly likely that this will be official employment with a white salary. In some situations, additional certification may be required, but not all items require it. The level of earnings is approximately $ 50-200 per month.

However, taking into account that the school year is already ending and the teaching staff is staffed, only the possibility of incomplete loading is possible (replace the teacher for a couple of weeks while he is sick, conduct additional classes, etc., loading no more than 1-2 weeks per month – with an appropriate income level).


Tutoring is a way of teaching, in which work with the student goes one on one or in very small groups of up to 10 people. This is the most effective format when you need to quickly “pull up” children in key subjects in a short time. For example, the services of tutors are often used before exams, entrance exams and so on.

The key difference between tutoring compared to teaching is that the tutor, as a rule, does not receive a salary, but at the same time has a higher hourly rate. However, the tutor must look for clients on their own.

If the tutor does not find customers, he will not earn anything.But if you are successful, these resources can help you to find students.

If you plan to engage in tutoring at a more advanced level and earn more, you need your own website, which will contain reviews about your work and recommendations from students and parents.

Online Counseling

If you are a specialist in any specific type of activity, then the online counseling format may be suitable for you. And in your search for an online job it is a very nice idea.

We will single out two main ways of working:

  1. Now the number of online stores will increase significantly and the demand for specialists who know how to communicate with customers and advise them on the characteristics of the product and the specifics of its use will increase. In some cases direct sales are possible.
  2. You can find a job as a full-time online consultant. For example, in the online store of cosmetics, goods for cutting and sewing or in the online store selling equipment / devices and others.

The salary of an online consultant for “mass” product groups is $ 150-600 per month or $ 5-10 per hour.

You can advise as an independent consultant or freelancer.

What do you understand best of all, what are you most interested in? For example, you can advise on topics of marketing, jurisprudence, on how to care for plants, on the topic of veterinary medicine and animal care, on repairing equipment / setting up household devices, on image-creating tools, on the secrets of personal care, and advising on the selection of training programs abroad and so on.

Advantages of this method: in order to engage in this type of activity, in addition to expertness, you only need to have a stable Internet channel, microphone, headphones and a webcam. And you will need to master some simple video conferencing services, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts or Discord.

The key disadvantage of this method: at the initial stages, while you do not have a client base, you will be forced to work for a modest fee, and the main sources of customers for you will be exchanges, thematic forums and people from your circle of friends.

A novice consultant receives approximately $ 2-12 per hour, and most likely you will not be able to advise for more than 40 hours in the first month of work.

However, if you make an effort and spend 6 or more months on it, you can build a personal brand and go to a radically different level of earnings.

Online Community Moderator

Another popular profession, the basics of which can be learned within a week working at home is Online Community Moderator.

Now a huge number of thematic communities has appeared – chats, groups in social networks, Telegram, Viber, Discord, Slack groups, thematic forums and so on.

The subject of communication in such communities can be very different. These are groups of lovers of exotic species of animals, and associations of flower growers, sports, nutrition, and professional pages of lawyers, accountants, and teachers.

Typically, these communities introduce certain rules of conduct. For example, it is forbidden to insult community members, it is forbidden to throw links to third-party resources into the chat, advertising is prohibited, conversations on religious and / or political topics are prohibited, and so on.

As a rule, sooner or later, users appear who accidentally or specifically violate these rules. To prevent this from happening, you need a community moderator, and in some cases an assistant moderator.

Often, such work is paid for with bonuses and discounts on goods / services of the “owner” of the community, but it can also be paid for in money and bring in $ 50-200 per month.

Writing Comments and Reviews for the Money

Another way to make money on the Internet is to write comments and reviews.

It can be called an interesting type of activity for which you will receive income.

Write a review under the power of people without experience and education. Even a schoolboy is capable of doing this.

At the first stages of work, it will be enough to observe the following tips:

  • Try to avoid mistakes;
  • Do not allow other people’s reviews to be copied. If you copy other people’s reviews, your account may be blocked for this;
  • The text must be beautifully designed, diluted with pictures and served so that it is convenient to read.
  • In order to earn in this way, you should look for special sites that require reviews. Most often these are online stores engaged in sales.

Another important condition is that your review should be as real as possible and correspond to what is written on the site. If this is some kind of product and store, you need to bring it as close as possible to the audience of potential customers.

Posting on Forums and Sites

This is one of the first relatively serious earning options and the most popular nowadays. Remote position, that I’m sure everyone dreams or wants to try.

You may be surprised, but there are a number of forums on the network that pay money for communication.

In fact, the payment is transferred for the left message of one nature or another. Many resources are devoted to making money on the Internet, but there is another category.

Owners of individual sites or portals sometimes try to create artificial activity in their forums.

For the compilation and placement of the message, they offer a scanty payment. And the requirements are put forward rather seriously.

Too short posts, errors and other similar “jambs” are not allowed.

Here are some resources that will help you earn your first money on the Internet with your own labor, and sometimes with your mind:

The forum. They pay money for advertising on social networks FB, Instagram,Tik Tok, My World, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and forums.

It is advisable that you have an account on one or several forums where you previously communicated with the participants.

This will allow you to earn relatively decent amounts that pay for the placement of advertising information.

I sincerely hope that this article will help you – and you’ll be able to grope your own, profitable path in the open spaces of the Internet.

The online job of your dreams is waiting for you.

Have a nice online search.