How to Work from Home with a Baby

How to Work from Home with a Baby

2020 is the year when all of us are trying to adjust to an absolutely new reality imposed by an outbreak of Covid-19. Nowadays, millions of people are trying to master holding virtual meetings, using Zoom and Skype, managing their workload without typical office supervision, and developing their self-discipline. It sounds like a challenge, but the matters get even more complicated if you have to meet the deadlines and complete all the assigned tasks, working from home with a baby.

It is not a secret that babies need a whale of attention from their mothers. Every little one seeks for entertainment and comfort every minute of their mothers’ time. You do know how mischievous a baby can be to gain more attention, and that makes all moms super busy and overwhelmed with home responsibilities as well as nervous because of sleep deprivation. Nevertheless, it is possible to bring at least some order into a huge chaos created by a tiny squealing human being in need of continuous love and care.

Valuable tips for working from home with a baby

Set a schedule!

Your baby needs a certain routine to be able to anticipate what is going to happen next, and you need it even more if you belong to the team of working moms. If you set specific time for doing the same things on a daily basis, you will soon realize which hours are the busiest and when you can be reachable for your bosses.

Take turns!

Most probably your husband is working from home now, and being in charge of parenting at the same time, neither of you will get anything done properly.

We suggest taking a new habit of checking the calendars for the following morning and afternoon to divide the parenting shifts. If you manage to get a certain period of uninterrupted work time instead of constant multi-tasking, your efficiency will increase considerably. Entertaining the baby, changing the diapers, making snacks, and getting the toys from everywhere, you will know that the next few hours will be free of parenting duties and you will be able to have your conference calls or meet the deadlines with reports.

Use a quality baby carrier!

Wearing a baby in a good Ergo around the house, you get your hands free for doing all things in the world, including typing. Being strapped in a carrier or a backpack, children feel the heartbeat of their moms and get to sleep much easier, letting their moms do what they need. A carrier makes working with a newborn real and maintains close connection between a mother and a child.

Let your baby play alone!

If you are at home, it does not mean that you should turn your life into continuous playtime. Encourage independent activities and entertainment of your baby. It is completely wrong to leave a helpless baby alone in a separate room, but strapping it to a bouncer or a swing can be a perfect solution that will let you make an urgent call. An activity map will also bring you some quarter of an hour, and you will get some project stage finalized while your baby will be developing and entertaining itself. A little break from ongoing communication is always welcome!

It is a real challenge to balance work and parenting, but there are jobs for moms with babies, which do not demand having an 8-hour long working day without any breaks or being available 24/7. Asking for help from a partner, using the nap time for work, gaining all the benefits of babywearing, and being extra flexible, it is possible not only to make a career, earn good money, and develop professionally. It is also possible to enjoy having a baby!